Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Me on Cookiemag.com

Today Cookiemag.com, the Web site of Cookie Magazine, posted the essay I wrote for them about my conflicted feelings about turning my daughters' private lives into fodder for this public attention grab.

How conflicted am I? Well, my worries about Pebbles and Nutmeg's future view of this Web site are very real. The more people who read this blog, the higher the chance that its existence could someday affect their lives.

And yet, when turning in the piece to the Cookie editors, I made damn sure they got my link information right. So they could send some traffic my way.

OK, some would call that hypocritical and narcissistic. I prefer "conflicted."

Anyway, here's the link. Enjoy the fruits of my labor, for free.

And to any who visited this site for the first time today, please scroll past these self-indulgent mumblings to the really insightful commentary below.

Whoops, too late.

Oh, and speaking of labor, here's some news that's not about me. My friend Hollie had an 8 pound, 12 oz. baby boy last week. Congratulations! She is now a mother of 4! Also, my friend L.W.W.B. keeps texting me with updates about her labor. It's going on right now! She claims that it hurts!

Knowing L.W.W.B. (and you know who you are, young lady) she is probably reading this on her cell phone on her way to the hospital. So if you are, L.W.W.B., hang in there! You will meet your baby soon! Or at least get some rest when that epidural kicks in!

OK. Sprained left pinky due to excessive exclamation point use. Must go stretch.


margaret said...

Nice story, Carrie! I especially like the Heather Armstrong quote.

Sara said...

Ah! Keep me posted on l.w.w.b.! And, l.w.w.b., if you read this, good luck!

Caitlin Murray Giles said...

Cookie Magazine! You go, Carrie. Congrats.

Kori said...

Strong work, chica. Really enjoyed the article. And please pass along congrats to Hollie :)

BTW, we are free this week except for Thursday, I just got your message tonight. Call me tomorrow morning and we can plan!

Anonymous said...

I always have mixed feelings about blogging. I have my standard five blogs that I read regularly and have for a while (of course you're one--you're the first blog I ever stumbled upon and have been kind of attached ever since). I started reading blogs when we started trying for a baby and was looking for others in our boat. They were so helpful in getting me through some rough times and not feeling so alone and a great way to waste time at work. Now I think I read them to procrastinate and out of habit and in some cases just plain entertainment (the Odd Todd types and what not). The truth is bloggers blog partially out of a sense of self importance and in many cases pretty severe narcissism and readers read blogs largely out of a sense of isolationism and needing to connect in both positive or negative ways. Both sides of that coin make kind of depressing commentaries on the state of our society and the lack of regular, face to face, interpersonal relationships.

I think putting your kid in your blog is a family decision--I think its great when parents try and avoid posting photos and use a level of anonymity for their kids sake. Like who really know who Mimi Smartypants is anyways? As someone who's had an internet stalker, I avoid posting anything about my kid online at all...but can understand the urge to share her. But then you have to ask yourself the question: what is missing in my personal life that I need to share so much with the public? And then try and fix it I suppose.

Carrie said...

Hi Casey! Thanks for making me one of your "five," as the cell phone commercials say. And thanks for sharing your feelings on this topic.

By the way, Mimi isn't all THAT anon. She has appeared live at several readings, posts her kid's real first name, pics, and has said that's she's going to a gifted school near Roger's Park. That would narrow it down to two schools, but actually another detail she mentioned it narrows it down to one. And I am no internet stalker! Just someone who reads her blog and happens to know a teensy bit about northside schools.

Bert said...

Fantastic article, dude! Really insightful and sweet. :)

Kim Moldofsky said...

Congrats! Off to read.

Cindy Fey said...

Great Cookie piece! Funny and true. Congrats!