Sunday, August 03, 2008

Inertia Explained

Today I finally pulled Pebbles' car seat out of the car after a week of meaning to do so. One of the shoulder belts had gotten twisted and I figured this would be a good time for the biannual washing of the car seat cover.

I hauled it onto the picnic table and once I had the cover and foam pad off, the crud in the plastic shell surpassed even my able imagination. There was a thick sludge of old food and -- I'm guessing -- congealed milk in every well and crack of the thing. Pebbles was napping and Pebbles was reading a book on the lawn, so I set to work with a toothbrush, spray cleaner and rags. Nutmeg even started to help a little bit just before Pebbles woke up.

When I went to get the baby, Nutmeg dragged the foam pad upstairs with her. She said it was her ... something. Her cape, I think. Great. I could just see parts of this car seat getting scattered all over the house before I could get back to it.

Then, while I was feeding the kids canned beans and cucumber salad for dinner (Nutmeg's choice) and trying to cook for Epu and myself, I heard something out on the deck. Get this:

A squirrel had pulled a piece of the Styrofoam padding out of the car seat and was holding it in his little paws, munching on it. Little crumbles of Styrofoam were scattered around the table.

Once I chased the varmint away (not an easy task since they are so damn bold around here), I saw that the hollow he'd pulled the Styrofoam out of was even dirtier than the other parts I'd already cleaned. Ick.

The punch line: After all that, I couldn't even wash the dang cover. The washing machine broke today. Oh, and by the way, every piece of clothing in the house is dirty because I was out of laundry detergent for a week. Who do I feel like right now? Erma Bombeck? Lucille Ball? Buffy the Squirrel Slayer?

This is why I normally don't try to clean anything.

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babyboyg said...

Once I pulled Alex's carseat out of the car with the intention of doing THE BIG CLEAN. I got distracted before I began, so I left it out on the porch. When I came back there were two birds sitting in the seat, picking out all the cheerios, goldfish and who knows what else!
I thought about leaving it out there to see how clean they could get it. But then I got worried that they might poop, and I think bird poop may have been the only thing NOT already in the seat, so I shooed them away.