Thursday, August 28, 2008

I Think I Know Why I Had These Kids

Free time freaks me out!

Here I am at home, alone. Ah-lowan. You'd think I'd be contentedly checking things off the to-do list, one by one.

Yes, I got a couple things done. But I am panicked by the afternoon ahead of me. Not because I can't think of anything to do, of course. It's just too hard to pick. Paint the guest room? Get a hair cut? Organize the basement? Do 100 very small tasks that have evaded me? Write and send some magazine pitches? Set up new product review page on Web site? Make will?

Oh, children, how I love you for your continual aid in procrastination. Please come home.

OK, just kidding. Please come home, but later. Daddy and I have a date tonight.


Bert said...

Well, yee-haw! I hope you have a fantastic date!

Patois42 said...

Such a list of things to do, culminating in the, um, doing later tonight. Hope the day passed quickly.

Sara said...

hope you had a lovely date...gotta love alone time with the hubs.

Jeevita said...

I feel like that when my son naps a bit longer than usual unexpectedly! Having won the time lottery, I can't decide which one of my chores I should tackle next... and of course I don't do any of them! :-)

Kim Moldofsky said...

Hope date night was fun. Making a will, not so fun, but put it on your to-do list, for sure.