Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I Got a New Way to Walk, Walk Walk

Nutmeg is visiting grandparents again, giving Pebbles and I some special time (before I ship Pebbles off to the other grandparents tonight in order to give Epu and I some special time, w00t!)

Today we did something that would not have been possible with the bossy preschooler around: A toddler-led walk. Pebbles loves to walk, but her idea of a walk and mine -- and Nutmeg's -- often clash. Today she got her version, complete with a long break to sit on a ledge and flip through my Parenting magazine ("baby!" "baby!" "naked ... butt!") while I tried, catch-as-catch can, to read bits of articles as the pages flew by. Unfortunately, this cute-a-thon happened before I remembered that one of the extremely heavy items in my diaper bag was actually my camera.

There were also a lot of breaks to lie on the grass.

And to point out bugs. Bug! Bug!

In the end, we did reach the Mommy-selected destination of CVS, where we made $2 buying ZippFizz energy drink mix, CVS-brand hand soap and a baby toy. I guess you could say it was a perfect morning for both of us.

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Bert said...

How wonderful, not only for Pebbles, but for you, as well, to spend some quality together time! And glad to hear that both "naked" and "butt" have made it into the ever-expanding vocabulary. :)