Saturday, August 23, 2008

Dirty Donut: A Story in Pictures

Today at our traditional Satuday morning farmer's market trip, Epu brought his camera. He was able to capture this little family drama that occurred when Nutmeg dropped her donut, I rescued it, brushed it off with a napkin, and tried to convince her to take it back.

I just love the tragic facial expressions in the second photo.

1. Everyone is happy. Nutmeg, should you really let your donut sit on your lap like that?

2. Oh God! Donut down! (The donut in my hand is mine.)

3. Can mommy fix this donut?

4. I don't think I want this donut anymore.

5. Let me examine this donut.

6. Nutmeg: Well, I GUESS I could taste it.
Mom: I totally stuck it.

No complaints were heard after that point.


Red Headed Mama said...

I love Pebble's expression in #3. She too looks VERY concerned that you might not be able to save the beloved donut! Good work, Mama.

MJ Tam said...

Love the pictures! The girl's expressions were priceless.


babyboyg said...

Moms are superheroes! And you must have told her about the scientifically proven "5 second rule"

Kori said...

Not even a wobble or a balance check. Nice work.

Cindy Fey said...

The expressions in the last pic say it all. Does Mommy deliver? Mommy delivers.

babyboyg said...

On another note, Pebbles looks so grown up!! Like a little girl, not a baby anymore.

Becky said...

I would totally have eaten it too. Just like there's no bad love, there's no bad donut.

Bert said...

This is the best ever! Your blog entries are always entertaining. Epu should be your photojournalist counterpart in more blog entries. You two make a great team. Well, you FOUR make a great team, actually. :)

Patois42 said...

You rock in the donut-saving area. And that Epu is one hell of a photog.

Bird On A Line said...

Niiiice! :)