Wednesday, July 30, 2008

When I got business cards printed up for BlogHer, I put "blog queen" right below "freelance writer," because it has long been my dream to get enough blog revenue streams set up that all I have to do is cash the checks. Y'know, I'd be a welfare queen, but blogs would be my welfare.

Interviewing moms who make a living or even a good part-time income on their blogs discouraged this dream a bit, because all the women told me that they work on their blogs for hours every day. Some of these moms have six or more kids, and yet they told me they are working 2 hours, 4 hours or even 8 hours a day.

This is very disappointing.

Nevertheless, today I feel like a blog queen. I set affiliate links for a big sale that Money Saving Mom's having on her e-books, and every time I've logged on today, I have accumulated more money. I have now earned an entire Cleaning Lady Unit, and the day's not even over yet.

This is exciting! My other experiments with affiliate links have resulted in 0 dollars earned (except for that Revolution Money Exchange thing). Thank you Money Saving Mom for sharing a generous 66% of sales with affiliates!

The main reason that I was able to make sales is because Wise Bread allows me to put affiliate links in my posts there. I'm sure I made little to no sales through my own little site. So, thank you Wise Bread! My next house cleaning will be dedicated to you.


Abby said...

Carrie, can you explain how to use affiliate links within posts and how to make money off of them? Can you affiliate link anything or do you have to join a website to do so? Just curious! Thanks :)

babyboyg said...

That is so cool! Good for you (and all those other mom bloggers out there) for figuring out how to stay home and make it all work out.
I'm impressed and a little jealous, too!

babyboyg said...

P.S. I bought a "set" of the e-books through you. So...since you owe me, can I share your cleaning lady?

Just kidding ;-)

I'm hoping I end up owing YOU for all the great ideas I'm going to get!

Carrie said...

Laura, thanks for buying! I should say that so far, making income from blogs has been more of an idea than a reality for me. Maybe, maybe I've been getting $1 an hour. Probably less. And I mean from ALL the blogs I've been writing for

Abby, there are various affiliate programs you can sign up with. The Amazon Affiliates program is respected and easy to use, and there is a link to it right on the Amazon Web site where you can sign up. I have never sold a dang thing through it so far, though.

babyboyg said...

Carrie-I didn't realize the work/pay ratio. Hmmmm...not AS jealous anymore ;-)

But, you hopefully you are laying the groundwork for something that will continue to grow. Good luck!