Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Shall Hereafter Be Known As...

Last night Epu and I were cleaning up after dinner. He picked up the heavy recycling bin, so I assumed he was heading out to the alley. The next time I turned around, I thanked him for (quite unusually for him) taking it out. Then I noticed that he had merely moved it closer to the back door, for my hauling convenience.

Me: Baby, I am always amazed by your epic sloth.
Epu: Hey, that would be a good blog nickname for me!
Me: Oh, how I love you, Epic Sloth.

By the way, he ended up taking out both the recycling and the trash. Whatta guy!


True Mama said...


babyboyg said...

Hmmm...that name describes my husband, too. Considering they kind of grew up together, I wonder it was contagious, or if it's the "birds of a feather" thing.

I love it! ~ Laura

Patois42 said...

We have to give him some credit for moving it to make it easier for you, right?