Thursday, August 14, 2008

Product Placement

Today, dear readers, you are fortunate enough to bear witness to a blog post I have never done before. I bring you (drum roll) ... the product plug!

Nutmeg received a lot of arts-and-crafts kits for her birthday. I am ashamed to admit it, but I put most of them aside because they looked like she would need a lot of help doing them. To me, the point of toys is to keep the little buggers busy while you're making dinner or writing online manifestos, right?

Anyway, this week I thought Nutmeg needed a quiet activity after a busy morning at camp, so I pulled out one of those craft kits, Make Your Own Puppets kit by Made by Hands.

I was delighted to see that Nutmeg immediately grokked the concept from looking at an illustrated instruction panel, and set right to work making cute little puppets mounted on popsicle-stick-like pieces of cardboard. Because the colored cardstock in the kit is already perforated in shapes (hearts, circles, crescents, etc.), she didn't need any help. She was quietly occupied for over an hour, and produced two butterflies and a flower, as well as a teeny little watermelon wedge which I can't find.

After she finished, we did a little puppet play about, you guessed it, two butterflies sucking nectar out of a flower.

This Make Your Own Puppets kit goes for $17.76 on Amazon and I would heartily recommend it to anyone looking for a birthday gift for a preschooler. OK, it is a glue stick and a bunch of colored cardstock, which normally I would not pay 17 bucks for. But for lazy moms like me who don't want to -- or can't due to the presence of grabby toddler hands -- spend the afternoon cutting out shapes and suggesting puppet ideas, it might be worth it.

No, of course I am not getting paid to write this review, nor did I receive a free product for writing it. We got this kit for a birthday present. But I did put an Amazon link in the text above, something I've been experimenting with lately on both my blogs. So if you end up buying the kit, by all means, by it through that link and I'll earn a few cents I can put toward more craft kits for lazy moms.

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Kori said...

That may be the one "non-pony" gift that we got her---I know that it was artsy and did not involve beads---and if that is the case, we were able to find it at our local toy store at a deep discount. We love Nutmeg, but we are also poor, so we're not ashamed to say we found a nice sale for her birthday. :)

I would encourage all your readers to buy it through your link, though, to line your pockets with coins. Forget I said anything about "discount."