Sunday, July 13, 2008

Mommy Playdate

Last night I had the good fortune of meeting up at the all suite Omni with some ladies from the blog network I write for, Silicon Valley Moms Blog (which is also Chicago Moms Blog). They're on an Oprah-and-Gayle style road trip from coast to coast in a hybrid Chevy Tahoe, on their way to BlogHer.

These are some cool women, and it was nice, real, real nice to get out of the house and sip a grapefruit cosmo, even though I was paying more to have my car babysat than I would normally ever pay for childcare.

I came home and checked out the road trip Web site, where I found this video that had Epu and me giggling like schoolgirls. Early this morning, it was also broadcast on CBS News. I spent much of the evening chatting with the mom whose kids are in this video, and she is very nice. She -- and the other mom road trippers -- were even nice enough to offer to let us local Chicago gals stay on the sofas of their suites.

My stay would have been free, but my car would have paid as much as I've paid at cheap hotels to spend the night in a luxurious garage alongside several Mercedeses and BMWs. In the end, I missed Epu and decided to drive home in that uber-careful way one drives when one has had two drinks and is missing a license plate and registration stickers (our rear plate fell off on our recent trip, we are awaiting the paperwork to buy a new plate and sticker).

I left with pleasant anticipation of meeting up with the same company next week in San Francisco, not to mention a keychain beer opener with a mommyblog URL on it (how cool is that??) and the promise of a children's product to review here.

Like I always say, if this ain't la vida loca, what is?

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Anonymous said...

Carrie, it was so great chatting last night. Probably a good thing you didn't stay--I had some yell-talkers outside my room at 2 AM which made it impossible to a result I am completely burned now. See you in a few days!