Thursday, July 31, 2008

I Have Five Things to Tell You

1. The Chron published a book review I wrote the other day.

2. I am in my new favorite room of the house, the guest room. Epu painted it, moved all junk in it to the basement and intalled an ac. It's now like a teeny, cool, clutter-free hotel room isolated from the rest of the house. I love it in here. I may never come out.

3. Pebbles has had a word explosion. She picks up a new one every day now, and will repeat new words upon the first hearing. We think she says about 30 words now, and two phrases ("Where go" and "I get you!" (said with arms extended, ready to catch someone). Favorite new words include "monkey," "cookie" and "pool."

4. Today I felt my Mama Bear instinct kick in on a biological level, and I was quite impressed. I took the girls to see an animal handler and his reptiles at the public library. This is just the kind of thing Nutmeg likes these days. Pebbles, of course, wandered around the grassy area without paying attention to the show.

So, the guy brings out a young alligator. He discusses how the thing can move a lot faster than it looks like, and that its jaws can exert 5,000 pounds of pressure. He has to grab it from time to time to keep it from crawling off the table.

So who should wander right up, past the seated kids, to practically grab the edge of the table? Once I had snatched up my baby and returned to my seat, another mom laughed and commented on how fast I had moved.

"I don't want to be on the news," I said.

I then noticed that, although I hadn't been realistically that alarmed (the animal guy assured us that the alligator was trained not to bite), my heart was pounding. Then, I realized that I really had no memory of moving from my chair to that table about 20 feet away. How had I gotten past all those kids sitting cross-legged on the grass? I must have jumped right over their heads.

Updated to add: At two different places later in the day, moms recognized us as having been at the reptile show. Gee, I wonder why they remembered us?

5. There is no number 5. OK, there was going to be, but I can't find the photo I was going to share on my shiny new laptop (which I am liking a lot, by the way), so I'll save that for later. Don't let the suspense get you too agitated. It's hot out there.

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Bert said...

Go supermom! Leaping seated preschoolers in a single bound!