Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I Bought the Toshiba!

Thanks for your input! (Confidential to Notta -- One of the reasons Epu said I should get the Toshiba is, "H. got a Toshiba."

I ordered it from Bestbuy.com and will pick up tomorrow. Excited!

Also received my business cards. And knocked some things off the pre-BlogHer to-do list.

All of which took away some of the sting when Nutmeg used the time I was occupied with such things to cover the dining room table and floor with tiny, tiny beads from a craft kit ominously titled "Crystals That Cook."

I didn't even yell, Nutmeg testified to Epu when he got home from work. Even though there were tiny beads sticking to the soles of both my feet.

I guess I was just relieved to find out there was no actual cooking involved in the kit. Apparently, they mean these crystals really cook. Like, they are smokin.

I have to get me a job writing copy for craft set labels.

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