Thursday, July 24, 2008

I Am Not a Hero!

I'm undeserving of all the comments I got from other moms about traveling with the two kids. Yes, it was tiring, but I would totally do it again! It really went very well.

It surprised me that the airports and flights were not the hardest part. They actually went very, very smoothly, and really, I spend so much time alone with the two kids. Usually they're running around messing up the house, but on the place they were both strapped down. Peaceful! A man brought me a cocktail and I read a book! I even spent some time watching the sleep and letting nice warm waves of love wash over me. This, of course, was after the cocktail.

The public transportation also went quite smoothly, since unlike Chicago San Francisco has an elevator in every station.

My wonderful friends smoothed out everything else.

The only really hard part was being the solo parent during the night and a.m. Knowing that when that baby woke up that first day at 4 a.m., there was no one else to turn to, even though I had one of the most important workdays ever in front of me.

I just finished the zillionth pass-through of my second piece from the conference. It is for a big magazine that I love (for their Web site, anyway). Psyched and nervous! Scared to hit send!


Anonymous said...


I think everyone is a hero because there are no difference in human being.

Jenny, the Bloggess said...

Traveling with just my one kid takes nerves of steel and often ends with tears. Mine.

Two qualifies you as a saint I think. Or possibly a demi-God.