Sunday, July 20, 2008

Extra-Large Postcard From SF

Sitting in a San Francisco cafe with a laptop and a latte, psyching myself up to write the story I must file tomorrow afternoon. So happy to be where I am right now, and so loving the friends that have made this evening and the whole last three days possible. Here are some quick facts about my BlogHer excursion, in no order:

1. You can fly across the country alone with two little kids, and if you do, don't be afraid to ask for whisky with your in-flight Coke. You deserve it.

2. Be good to your friends and, even years later, they will be good to you. A couple of my dearest friends helped me on this trip so much that the trip would have been impossible without them. Our SF "family" Keith and Kay and Etchy kept Nutmeg with them for two days straight, even took her berry picking, and love her enough to marvel when she decoding the spelling of the phrase "berry picking" when they spelled it, and guessed what was being planned. My friend Bert came to the conference Friday night and fetched Pebbles so I could attend a dinner with the editors and some other writers of Wise Bread. Then Kay did the same the second night so I could go to the closing party at Macy's, where I had the pleasure of meeting Finslippy and Dawn from Because I Said So, and hanging with my Chicago crew a bit after a whirlwind two days of back-to-back-to-back interviews. And now tonight my girls are sacked out at Keith and Kay's, and I drove their car over to the Mission to this cafe. Friends: Two thumbs up!

3. The Armstrongs: So nice, so warm. Interesting things to say. Jon posted a photo on Flickr that includes my hands, which is probably the closest I will ever come to their crazy brand of Internet fame.

4. Reporting on something that passionately interests you is way more fun that reporting on things that bore you. And it makes you want to work harder and more so you can learn more. Also adds more possibilities for conflicts, though. Perhaps it's for the best that I didn't have time to grab the swag bags from either the conference itself or the Silicon Valley Moms blog.

5. Met. So. Many. Interesting. Women.

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