Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Drama Queen and the Bling Laptop

I always thought my kids would eventually demand to know which one I loved best. I had my answers all prepared, with some help from "Siblings Without Rivalry." How, Nutmeg, I love you in very special ways because of x, y and z.

But sweetly inquiring about my love is not Nutmeg's way. No, she is the 4-year-old drama queen, and so -- after an afternoon when I made her so happy by taking her to the local children's museum with the stage so she could dress up and sing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" and it made her so happy she spontaneously told me she loved me -- Nutmeg at dinner time tonight gave us her first rendition of "you love my sister more than me."

It was loud. And mournful. She wanted to know why we said sweet things to Pebbles and not to her. And then she went back to a popular refrain she has these days, that goes a little something like, "I know you don't love me."

And lest you only hear her side of the story, let me assure you that sweet things are said to Nutmeg. She gets a lot of "I love you"s, and many variations on that theme. I'm a verbal mom. She gets special reading time when Pebbles is alseep. She gets a lot of time with both her parents, fun time, too.

Nope, no guilt here, whatsoever. Just drama.

By the way, I'm typing this on the new Toshiba laptop. It feels good, works fast, it's thin and light for its size. Only problem: It's repulsively shiny. I like matte things. As I am typing this, the reflection of my living room ceiling fan in the keyboard is practically giving me a seizure. Which is not in the least helping my pre-work-trip-with-kids freakout.

I guess you really can't see shininess in photos online.

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Notta Wallflower said...

That's disappointing. The laptop, I mean. From the picture you had a link to, it looked like mine, which is matte finish. I'm with you - I have a hard time dealing with shiny stuff. :-/

Have fun at Blogher! We're trying to figure out how to afford coming to Chicago in Nov for the yearly ASHA convention (which I've always wanted to attend, but never have due to how flippin' expensive it is).