Thursday, June 19, 2008

Maple Leaf Rag

Recently someone on my local Freecycle group was offering maple seedlings. I laughed and laughed, because there is nothing in this world we need less at our house than maple seedlings. Well, those and ebola.

Today, as Pebbles perfected her newfound ability to use the Little Tikes slide and enjoyed having the neighbors' cat all to herself, I finally had a chance to attack our maple infestation. All these seedlings, of course, spawned from our huge maple tree. I can't figure out why we didn't have such a proliferation last year, but I'm thinking either the sellers had cleaned up more of the seed pods before we arrived, or we just didn't have so much rain at the right time last year.

These maple trees were actually growing in the decomposing leaves in the gutter over the roof of the kitchen addition. It gave us a nice "living roof" feel, as if we were the Ingalls family living in their dugout on the banks of Plumb Creek. Sadly, my dad warned that the moisture held in all that compost would destroy the roof, so they had to go.

These ones haven't yet been evicted from our crappy deck because I ran out of time:

And yes, my children are still being deprived of the joys of the sandbox due to maple infestation:

I did, however, manage to remove the dozen or more seedlings from EACH of my five tomato pots. Amazingly, the largest plant has already managed to grow a small green tomato despite the maple tree assault. Dang, I hope I do not mess up this tomato cultivation scheme, cause I loves me some really fresh tomatoes!

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Kori said...

I can't get over the Pebbles + Cat picture. The expression on the cat's face is half-adoration, half-"I'll cut you!" Your kids are so cute, and that fact is highlighted when they are paired with fuzzy creatures.