Thursday, June 12, 2008

Please Excuse

Dear Blog Readers,

Have you been enjoying my posts about the funny thing Nutmeg wants to do at CVS, the way the first week of summer feels like the beginning of a new school semester and I can't keep up with the schedule, and the funny pencil box Epu and I bought in China in 1997?

No? But I composed them so nicely in my head. I uploaded photos, even. You know, into the ether. Where you can see them with your telepathy.

Sorry. My absence will be extended by the three-day camping trip for which I am making sad little attempts to prepare in between tantrums (from both girls), cooking, working on a freelance pitch so that not just our flights to SF but maybe a meal or two might also be paid for, and that kind of thing.

No good camping trip ever started without the campers staying up all night the night before packing, right? Well, at least no good camping trip that I've ever been on.

Next week Nutmeg will be at her Wisconsin cottage all week, so who knows, maybe I'll transfer some of those posts from my ether blog to my cyberspace blog. If you are really, really lucky.

Ta ta!

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