Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Pebbles Is Getting Naughty

Alas, it's here, the true beginning of the Terrible Twos. The Whacko Ones, if you will.

The newly naughty Pebbles likes to run away from me in public places, stopping to look back and giggle when she's gained a few yards. Fortunately, 1-year-olds are not as crafty as they are naughty, and she has not figured out that this little gloat-break is what enables me to catch her every time.

Today for the first time she demanded something in a store. We were in CVS (of course) and I was browsing the grocery aisle for a $1 item to get my total up to $15 so I could use a certain coupon. She saw the bags of Goldfish, pointed and began to first grunt, then screech. I let her hold a bag, but ultimately decided to buy pretzels instead. She had an all-out tantrum -- screeching, knocking the pretzels out of my hand, collapsing and kicking the floor.

Ten seconds later, after I got paid for my purchases, she was walking down the sidewalk, eating a pretzel, once again the happiest baby in the world.

I was buckling my inner seatbelt and wondering if I have the strength to go through what lies ahead -- a year of irrational barbarism and frustration, followed by a year of emotional ups and downs and battles over limits.

Then again, when Nutmeg is with us, I think I'm so distracted that I barely notice Pebbles' naughtiness. Will it be easier the second time around because of the distraction and because I know what's coming? Or will it be harder for the same reasons?

Both, I guess. Isn't it always both?


margaret said...

Wait, Pebbles gets to hold the coveted Goldfish but has to give them up for ... pretzels!?

Life is cruel. I'd throw a tantrum too.

Sara said...

Maybe she won't go through a full-blown terrible two's phase??? I'm keeping my fingers crossed for ya...