Monday, June 09, 2008

Pawn in the Hands of Fate. FATE!

Ever have the feeling that something on your daily agenda is NOT TO BE? Like, you overcome obstacles No. 1 through No. 15, which all popped up unexpectedly, and you're like, OK, I now only have one arm and my dog has run away, but dammit, I am getting to the vet's office this afternoon? Because it's right there in your day planner?

Nutmeg's first swimming lesson of the summer was NOT TO BE today. Here are the obstacles we overcame:

1) Yesterday, Nutmeg was suffering from a mysterious ankle injury that threatened to prevent her outdoor swimming debut of the summer. No problem! I hit CVS for children's ibuprofin (along with $45 worth of other stuff to ensure that the ibuprofin would be free.) We iced it and Ace bandaged it.

2) Upon finally unpacking Nutmeg's bag from her weekend away (LAST weekend), I notice that neither of her swimsuits made it back. No problem! I managed to borrow an outgrown suit at her friend's birthday party, where the birthday mom was pursuing her own struggle against the NOT TO BE by forging ahead with the pool party despite the thunder, on-and-off rain, and wind that threatened to carry away the pool itself (not to mention the preschoolers in it).

3) The hobbling Nutmeg and I left the borrowed bathing suit at the party. No problem! I call the hostess, leave a detailed message about my desire to return for the suit. No answer. I am not the type to leave repeat messages about borrowing things from people, especially people who have just suffered through/enjoyed a children's party in their home. No problem! I search the clothing bins in the basement and come up with a size 5 suit that I'd picked up at the consignment sale for future wear. And it fits ok.

4) This morning, the weather continues to look ominous, but we promise Nutmeg that if there are lessons to be had, she will attend them. We're a little late leaving the YMCA for the pool, and I am momentarily disoriented and go down a street I know I shouldn't go down. Because this street has one of Oak Park's many "bizarre rule intersections." At this one, you are only allowed to turn right. No matter what time of day, what kind of traffic, no going straight allowed. Even though the road continues on ahead to a two way street. No problem! Since there's no traffic, I'll just, well, go straight and we'll get to the pool a minute or two before lessons start.

5) I get pulled over and issued a ticket. FOR ILLEGALLY GOING STRAIGHT. This is just the kind of crime I would get busted for, since I don't commit any other kinds of crimes. Except, the officer informs me, the crime of letting your plates expire two months ago. Seriously? I never got a thing in the mail! Also, I cannot find my current proof of insurance in the messy car door pockets, my wallets, etc. OK, wait, I find my proof of insurance at the last minute. He lets me off on the plates thing.

At this point, the lesson should have started 5 minutes ago. But, well, no problem! We'll just head over there now and she can join the class late.

6) After I park and haul both kids and their pool gear over to the pool, we notice that the pool doesn't look ... open. At all.

We're greeted at the building entrance by a couple park district employees and told that the pool is having maintenance issues, and that today's lesson will be made up on Friday. While we're away camping in the lake that was once Wisconsin.

Oh well, at least she'll get to practice her swimming up there, since from what I hear, they don't have land anymore.

Does anyone think I can successfully contest my ticket, since conditions allowed me to safely pull off the move that I did? God, I could not believe the cop car was actually planning to pull ME over. Fortunately he didn't notice all the empty beer bottles on the floor of the back seat. (Seriously! I was saving them for my brother, who's gotten quite into brewing, and forgot to take them out of the car.)

3) After Nutmeg wore the

Then we left that suit


Sara said...

nope, no land up here, as evidenced by lake kohlbeck, which is located in the space once occupied by our washer and dryer. ugh. when it rains, it pours.

Kori said...

Being funny as problem! So sorry for your frustrating day (including ticket...ARGH), but thanks for the great post. It made me chuckle, knowing that I have been and will be there many times. :)

margaret said...

You think I'm going to believe that story about the beer bottles? Sheesh.

babyboyg said...

So sorry, what a day! And to top it all off, no classes after all that effort!
We started swim classes today, and I was thoroughly exhausted with none of your drama and only one kid. Props to you for keeping it all together!

Marketing Mommy said...

I've done it many times (gone straight, that is) and I've always been afraid I'd get busted. I'm so sorry you did.