Thursday, June 05, 2008

Here's to a Perfect June (Ignore Those Thunderheads)

You ever read a novel where everything seems to be coming together for the main character right at the beginning of the book? Their hair is finally bouncy and shiny, they have their dream job, their marriage is new and they bought the home of their dreams?

And you know, since nobody outside the marketing department of Garnier writes 300 pages on healthy hair, that this person is headed for a fall, for dark and complex happenings that will shatter and twist that sunshiney world?

I feel like that character right now.

Sure, the economy is scary and there could be truly tough times ahead. But for the moment, it seems that the world is coming eerily into line around me.

Barack Obama running for president against a candidate the Republicans don't even LIKE? The Cubbies playing like a pennant-winning team with the best record since 1908 (the last time they DID win the World Series?) My kids simultaneously hitting fun stages that don't make me tear my hair out (much), just as we hit a summer together promising lots of fun activities? My freelance career ramping up at my own pace and affording me the chance to travel to my favorite city?

I'm going to ignore the delicate nature of all of those circumstances and enjoy this bizarre climate of perfection while I can. After all, June is my favorite month, with warm evenings but no mosquitoes (yet), all those white puffballs floating through the air (I'm not allergic to THOSE) and that feeling of the fresh summer laid out before me.

Summer activities (swimming lessons, camp) don't start until next week, so right now it's like we're poised on the threshhold, grinning at summer as it comes up the walk. And yes, I know that summer is like a pain-in-the-ass husband come back from the war -- in just weeks (or maybe later today, as the thermometer rises) I'll be longing for those boring but more comfortable days when that SOB wasn't hanging around in his stained wifebeater, drinking Coors on the couch while the AC drips on the carpet.

Until then, though, summer and I are going to have a glass of spiked iced tea out on the veranda and toast the fireflies.


Sara said...

I love the husband back from the war analogy. I laughed out loud, and given the week or so that I have had, that is saying something.

Thanks for the laugh and the perspective. It brightened my day.

babyboyg said...

"Summer is like your husband, home from the war, wearing his wifebeater, drinking Coors on the couch..."

This is why I read your blog :-)

Thank you for a good laugh.

Bert said...

You are the voice of us all. Thanks for rockin' my world. :)