Friday, June 27, 2008

Happy Birthday to the Artistic One

So, tonight Epu and Nutmeg wanted to start making a pinata. Yes, a papier mache construction which would molder through the humid night and then ride with us in the car four hours to an even damper Wisconsin. Yes, usually when they make a pinata it takes several weeks to finish.

Fortunately, I am a Wondertime magazine subscriber. This month they featured a pinata made out of an oatmeal cannister. If I do say so, my talented husband crafted an oatmeal cannister pinata that is even cuter than the one in the magazine. And as you can see, Numeg had no complaints. After all, she got to fill it with candy, which is hands down her favorite part of the pinata process.

Today is Epu's birthday, and he came home from work early to celebrate with us. We showered him with silly string on the front walk, presented him with a Skill Saw and a handmade card by Nutmeg, and took him out for a chocolate peanut butter sundae at the Brown Cow ice cream parlor. Then we went home, ordered pizza, and made a pinata.

I don't know about Epu, but the girls enjoyed pretty much the perfect daddy's birthday. For me, it was a kind of revelation: Why have cake and ice cream when you can just eat twice as much ice cream? Am I right?

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Bert said...

That birthday sounds awesome! I'm all in for twice as much ice cream, too. Great idea. I'm going to use that next year.

P.S. Great looking pinata!