Friday, June 20, 2008


Just what the world needs: high heels for babies.

No, they're not a safety hazard. They're soft useless heels attached to the bottoms of crib shoes. They are, however, about the ugliest and tackiest thing I have ever seen. High heels are obviously associated with sex -- sure, they have more mundane connotations as well, like, I am aristocracy so I can afford to not be able to walk very fast, but mainly, they say, look at my butt sticking up and out, don't you want some of that?

And that's a nice subtle way to announce your sexy, if you're, say, beyond puberty. But what kind of parent wants to see their innocent infant girl in high heels? What's next, My First Black Lace Garter Belt and the Little Tikes Stripper Pole?

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