Monday, June 23, 2008

Baby Weight

A few weeks ago, Maggie Mason wrote a post about how it had taken her 16 long months to lose the baby weight. I was also nearly 16 months postpartum at that point, and I fretted that I had not achieved what she had. Why is that woman so active and why does she have so much fun and energy? Weight watchers? Living in Brazil for a month? She is making the rest of us mothers look bad.

But then, last week, I weighed myself at the gym. Our fancy-ass scale broke awhile back, and so I'm not sure when this happened, but ...

I have finally reached pre-baby weight. Pre-baby-number-2 weight, that is. Like Maggie, I did it before my baby turned 17 months.

Now, this was not my favorite weight. At the time I got pregnant with Pebbles, we were preparing to move across the country. There was stress, and there were a lot of "goodbye" dinners at delicious San Francisco restaurants. By the time the move was over, I was all, gosh, I have gained like 10 pounds, I better get myself in gear. Then I was all like, I'm pregnant! I think instead I'll gain 35 pounds! Twice as much as I gained the first time around!

After my first pregnancy, losing weight was easy. I didn't give it any thought. I went back to rock climbing, as much as I could while Nutmeg wiggled in her carrier and later crawled and toddled around the climbing gym mats until the staff admonished me to think of the safety of my child. I nursed a lot, I walked a lot, and it all melted away. In fact I soon found myself wearing a smaller size than I had before the pregnancy, except in the bra which took a bigger size, and oh boy, did that make up for my puppy's neck midriff area.

I eagerly anticipated the same thing to happen after Pebbles was born. I kept on eating for two. I guess it was a combination of Pebbles' dainty appetite and my own aging hormonal system, and the fact that I had more weight to lose this time around, and oh, oh, I know, moving to the suburbs where I drive more despite my intentions to do otherwise -- before you know it, more than a year had slipped by and I had never experienced that effortless weight loss.

Finally, I had to actually start hitting the gym not just to sit in the computer room but swim some serious laps and run on those elliptical machines with the incline set above 1. And finally, here I am back at my not-favorite weight of 144.5 pounds, and I never thought I would be so glad to see it.

I know there are a lot of people my height who are thinner and fitter than me, just as there are many people who have faced much tougher struggles. What can I say? Today I'm thinking about me and me alone, and I am patting myself on the back for coming this far, and whispering to myself, how about that 10 pounds we said we were going to lose 16 months ago? Ready?

God, self. What a buzzkill you can be. But, yeah, I guess. Let's go.

7 comments: said...

Good for you!!!!!!! Way to go girl!!! I have a friend that says "I'm still trying to lose pregnancy weight 8 years later. And I adopted." Weight is my least favorite thing to think about, but I love more than anything to hear success stories. Thanks! Great blog!

babyboyg said...

Way to go. I'm at 2 years, 9 months and actually weigh more than I did just after I gave birth.
I lost weight nicely until I stopped breastfeeding, then I sort of forgot that I was no longer pregnant, no longer nursing, and no longer needed even 5 extra calories, let alone enough to feed a growing baby.

*sigh* Thanks for the inspiration, though.

Sara said...

Good for you...ugh, it's been 4 years and I'm STILL struggling with losing the weight I gained with Gracie...I'm blaming it on hormones. :-) Thanks for the inspiration, though.

Red Headed Mama said...

Yay for you!

I had a quick question...I keep trying to add your blog to my Google Reader, but even when you have a new update, it never shows up there. Have you had any problems with RSS on this blog?

I hope you and the kidlets are dong well!

Carrie said...

Hmm ... I will check with my technical support guy on this (aka Epu) but probably not until we get back from celebrating his bday this weekend.

Anonymous said...


Try again! Looks like it will work ok now.

There was a Feedburner + Blogger bug.
For awhile, following the Feedburner instructions for setting up a feed just created a garbage feed link.

Red Headed Mama said...

Yup, that worked! I now have 25 "new" entries to read on Google Reader!

Thanks! :)