Thursday, May 29, 2008

What's New With These Kids? Everything

Nutmeg and Pebbles keep amazing me with their latest developments and I keep putting off reporting them here due to exciting Dooce-related developments and breaking gardening news.

So here's a progress report:

Pebbles's latest phrase is, "thank you." She loves to hand items to people and receive items from people, each time chirping, "Denkyou."

Although Pebbles doesn't talk much (Nutmeg at this age said 100 words/phrases), we are realizing that she understands much of what is said. I was reading a book to her the other night and she successfully pointed out a pen, an airplane, a flower and a crib. She will follow directions such as, "Put your pants in the laundry basket," and "Go give this to Nutmeg." If I tell Nutmeg to put on her shoes, Pebbles will find the nearest shoe and say, "Choo."

Pebbles likes to chew on a toothbrush, so we got her her own at CVS. I am hoping she is too young to be scarred by the torso of Barbie that is appended to the toothbrush's end. Today while I was brushing, Pebbles frantically pointed at the toothbrush container in the bathroom, saying, "Too, too, too." Since I am not as smart as a 15-month-old, it took me awhile to figure out that she wanted to "brush her teeth" too. She has three of them.


Nutmeg can read but she won't admit it. Well, she at least can guess a great many words from looking at the first letter or so and the context. She'll tell me that the shopping cart she's sitting in says, "Menards," and that Pebbles' cup says "Playskool," and sometimes when we're reading a picture book she'll consent to reading every other page. Usually she figures out the first word or so of the sentence and then recites the rest from memory.

For some reason she likes to remind us that she CAN'T read books. For example, we put a reading lamp next to her bed and told her she could read on her own after bedtime, and she was all like, "I can LOOK at books, I can't read them!" So we're not pushing it. I think she has some performance anxiety, like she's afraid of getting the words wrong. Which led me to ask Epu, aka Mr. Learning, to back off a bit. We also assured her that even when she can read well on her own, we will still read to her, because we love reading to her. She liked the sound of that.

She is also into math. I imagine again that there is some Epu influence at work here, but she likes to inform me while we're driving that, "4 and 2 are 6!" The other day she told me that 6+3 was 9 AND 4+5 was nine. Later she asked me a multiplication problem (what is 3 times 4?) and when I went to try to demonstrate to her, she already had 12 craisins lined up in groups of four. So we just counted them out and there she had the answer.

But the best thing about Nutmeg lately is her increased maturity level. She reliably gets herself dressed now, and will even concentrate on brushing her own hair nicely. She can occasionally be counted on to put things away when I ask her. Sometimes the same request leads to an outburst such as, "You're a mean lady!" and "You're not really a good mommy at all!" But that's a gamble I gladly take, over and over, for the chance to win big by seeing an entire drawer's worth of her clothes return from my bedroom floor to their proper place.

Sometimes it happens! Now we're going to work on improving that record to "often" or even "usually."

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Bert said...

Oh, the family is growing and maturing so quickly! It seems just yesterday, Nutmeg was signing "more" at me from her high chair.