Thursday, May 15, 2008

We Dyed Our Hair

I don't know, call it a midlife crisis, but we both aspire to live past the age of 68.

Call it, we moved to the suburbs, have two kids, and are struggling to still feel young and hip.

Call it this: I got carded in the grocery store yesterday for the first time in ages. Cause, you know, the woman with the coupon pushing the cart with the big plastic truck on the front? Probably underaged.

Sadly, I actually think my new hair makes me look even older because it is so dark and it highlights my natural pallor and red blemishes. But hey, it's fun.

(scroll down for the pics)

((if you can bear to look))


Sara said...

hey, i'm a firm believer in changing up the hair color every now and then. i like it! and, being a red head myself, i totally embrace epu's new color. ;-)

Bert said...

Hooray for crazy hair colors! I've always been partial to blue! You two are the fun-est parents ever!

Kori said...

You remind me of this cool chic I knew in high school. She was smart as a whip, so she could easily hang with the nerdy kids (when required), but was also "counterculture" enough to always be deliciously edgy and unpredictable. Her name was Carrie, and....hey, wait a minute!

Super cool, chica. Can't wait to see it in person.

And the award for "Most Parentally Goth" goes to...