Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Our Suburban Bliss

This weekend felt like the first weekend of summer, for sure. We went to the season opener of our local farmer's market, two weeks early this year. There wasn't much produce but the donuts were on, and that's what it's all about. Also the dude who shows up to play drums and puts out a bunch of percussion instruments for the kids. We are going to try to walk down to the farmer's market as many weekends as we can this year.

Nutmeg and I put some seeds in the ground -- beets and carrots. We were going to plant more basil, because our little basil sprouts died of neglect (and probably cold) after we put them in the ground about a month ago. But I couldn't find the basil seeds. Master garden planners, we.

I put cocoa-bean-shell mulch around the bushes in the front yard. Being a new homeowner, mulch held many mysteries for me. I didn't know what it was really for, how deep to lay it down, whether I should water before or after laying it down. I got various answers: The lady at the garden center said it's cosmetic, so people don't see the dirt. My dad said it would discourage weeds and hold moisture into the soil. Pebbles felt it was an excellent medium for picking up with a sand shovel and scattering onto the lawn.

Speaking of lawns, I felt much better about mine when I read this Tribune article about how a great, low-maintenance yard is made of grass, clover and dandelions. I'm totally dragging my lawn-fanatic dad to the exhibit at the Notebaert of which the article speaks, as soon as we get our Boston Children's Museum passes which will allow us to go to that museum for free.

We had some out-of-town visitors pop in for a scant hour or so, and I took the girls downtown to the Children's Museum Sunday morning with one of their little friends, but otherwise our holiday weekend was mosty yard work (me) and home repairs (Epu, spackling like a, um, spackleemonster in the spare bedroom). Oh, and reading books in the backyard swing with Nutmeg, blowing bubbles, chatting with the neighbors.

As it all wrapped up last night, after the kids were in bed, Epu and I played Scrabble on the deck, listening to neighbors on all sides make merry at their holiday barbecues. Nice. After we came in, the wind picked up and the trees all around our house whispered and sighed. I love having the windows open, even if I have to take three kinds of allergy medicine to make it possible.

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Caitlin Murray Giles said...

I live for the donuts at your local farmer's market. I dream about them.