Thursday, May 22, 2008

Nutmeg Is Going for the MRS

Today was Nutmeg's preschool "graduation." Mind you, she still has another year of preschool to go. But a graduation none the less.

Before the event, Nutmeg informed me once you graduate, you can get married. She also informed me that I would cry at her graduation. Knowing me, that was a good prediction, and it came true, even though I managed to hold it to just a few tears, only while she and her classmates were receiving their "diplomas." Why cry? I was imagining these same kids stepping up for their high school diplomas, and wondering who would be friends, who would now disdain and abuse one another due to clique warfare, who would be drugged up or knocked up or dropped out and who would be valedictorian.

What I could not have predicted is that she would cry. She cried. Loudly and with lots of genuine tears. And she got her favorite teacher going -- it was her goodbye to this teacher that started the waterworks. And then the other moms started in. Truly, as I dragged Nutmeg out of the classroom, mine were among the only dry eyes in the place.

And good thing, because I needed to save my tears for this:

This is a page from the book Nutmeg made about her year in preschool. Her final project, if you will. The caption: "When I grow up, I want to be a mommy." (No matter what I try, this picture does not want to show up aligned correctly. Sorry!)

Oh, that figure in white off to the side? That's a doctor. I asked her, "So, this is a picture of you taking your children to the doctor."

She sighed. "NO. That's a picture of the other thing I want to be when I grow up. A mommy, and a doctor."

Let's hope Harvard Med takes CVS Extra Bucks.


WOMAN said...

Hi, carrie,
I'm sort of new to this blogging thing:) Graduations are always very sad to me a milestone that reminds us that a change is about to take place. Nutmeg's drawing is darling!

Sara said...

how sweet!! it's a testament to your awesome mothering that nutmeg wants to be a mom just like you.

and, i'm pulling for you on the medical school thing...maybe she'll get some great scholarships!! :-)

Swistle said...

Or a full scholarship for that little smartie!