Thursday, May 08, 2008

A New Ghost in the Family

So, it's time. Time for the imaginary friend to make her debut in Nutmeg's life.

This friend is named Genevieve. Trust Nutmeg to invent a friend with a long and difficult-to-spell name. Genevieve is a friendly ghost who accompanied Nutmeg to school yesterday, shared a Tootsie Pop with her. Genevieve encouraged Nutemg and Pebbles to jump on Nutmeg's bed, but promises not to cause such trouble again because she is very sorry that one little monkey literally fell off and hit her head.

According to this study written up in Wondertime, imaginary friends are quite common, with 65% of kids having one between the ages of 2 and 7. The study notes that although Dr. Spock advised parents of kids very attached to their imaginary friends to engage a psychiatrist, for most kids this is a positive thing and doesn't indicate anything lacking in their "real" lives.

Then again, there is something ooky about hearing that your kid's new friend is a ghost. I told Epu about this cute new development, and he looked around the room nervously and said, "This is an old house." And Nutmeg does seem to be an eerily, well, sensitive child when it comes to knowing things that the rest of us don't know. Like when she told me the day before her little sister's birth, with resolute certainty, that the next day would be the day.

OK, well, I warned Genevieve yesterday not to cause any trouble around our house. Hopefully that will keep us covered, whether her nature is super imaginative or supernatural.

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