Monday, May 19, 2008

The Longest Winter Ever

We just enjoyed a hearty soup for dinner and I'm wearing my wool hat in the house. Which is totally normal because we've been doing this kind of thing since before Halloween, 2007.

Except now 2008 is nearly half over. It came as quite a shock to me today when I found out that Nutmeg's last swim lesson of the spring session is over, and that summer swim lessons at the outdoor pool start three weeks from today. Swimming outdoors? But I'm still wearing my coat!

So of course I hadn't actually signed Nutmeg up for swim lessons yet. I think I was more on the ball about this last year when we hadn't even moved to Oak Park yet. I do have our summer swim passes, which appropriately are called Polar Bear Passes since I bought them early at a discount.

Also, Nutmeg's school ends this week. That's right, summer vacation, chez Nutmeg, starts at the end of this week. We're planning on celebrating with an outing to the Brookfield Zoo. To see our cousins, the polar bears.

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