Saturday, May 31, 2008

How Much Do We Love Our Cubbies Right Now?

I knew Nutmeg listened along when the radio was on, but until this week I had no idea how very closely she listens. I guess I should have gotten a clue from the fact that a couple of her favorite songs are now, "The voice of Chi-caw-gooooo, Double-you GEE Ennnn," and "1877CARSFORKIDS..."

But now that those Chicago Cubs are ON FIRE it seems that we've both pricked up our ears. One late afternoon last week, maybe the last time the Cubbies lost, I expressed misgivings about their new pitcher, Gallagher.

"Yeah, I like Dempster better," Nutmeg said without misisng a beat.

Now, Dempster is another pitcher. In fact, both Gallagher and Dempster are STARTING pitchers. It blew my mind that either by chance or eerie understanding, Nutmeg knew that Dempster and Gallagher were comparable. Then she brought it on home.

"But I really like the pitcher who's name starts with Z."

Don't we all?!

Then today, when the news was on, there was a report about the crane that fell in NYC killing two workers.

"One of the workers that got killed survived because he ducked out for an egg sandwich," Nutmeg informed everyone in the car.

OK, looking beyond her obvious ignorance of the definition of "survived," take note of this: The newscaster did not say, just then, the part about the egg sandwich. That was in YESTERDAY's report about the same incident.

Obviously, the days are over when Epu and I could listen to Loveline on late-night drives whether she was awake back there or not. Then again, surely Loveline isn't on the air anymore? Anyone know?

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