Sunday, May 04, 2008

Girls Day Out

Today Nutmeg and I had a solo outing together, to a plant nursery, Menard's and then an unscheduled stop at McDonalds due to extreme need for refueling. I mentioned to her several times how special it was for us to have time just the two of us, and this worked periodically. She looked with interest at the plants in the nursery for the first 15 minutes, which I guess is the best I could expect from a 4-year-old. Then she kept saying she was tired and lying on the ground, which does not go over well with cart-pushing garden ladies.

We picked out some new bushes to replace our bedraggled, standard-issue evergreens. Nutmeg selected blueberry bushes, which will be an adventure, since I have never seen blueberry bushes in anyone else's yard, which makes me think there must be something hard about them or maybe they will just grow up to be ugly. But hey, they are supposed to attract birds and butterflies, and that's what we're after.

I selected two dwarf lilacs. We might end up putting some of this in the back or something because I'm sure we can't fit 4 big shrubs in front once they get growing.

Naturally, once we spent all afternoon buying plants, dirt and a shovel, the actual planting will have to wait until tomorrow.

Then the girls both got to enjoy a birthday party for a kid in Nutmeg's class, at My Gym. Best part about a late-afternoon My Gym party?

Both girls were quietly in their beds by 7:29. I have just enjoyed 5 child-free hours. Sadly, I spent much of it sorting through my precious coupons. Yes, that big challenge to the coupon cost-saving hypothesis, the time spent. Hopefully when I initiate my new coupon organizing system with the new file box I bought at this weekend's neighborhood rummage sale, time spent will go down significantly. If not, project couponing may get the boot.

Yikes, wakeup call is in 7 hours at BEST and I am snack mom once again tomorrow. As Pebbles would say, "Nigh-nigh."

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