Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Another Momzilla Sighting

My gym is near a preschool, not the one that Nutmeg goes to. Today, as I left the building, I heard a mom talking to a kid about the worksheet she had done in preschool that morning.

"You're going to have to start taking your time. You know, in kindergarten, they will make you sit there until you get it right. None of this rushing through it so you can go play."

Hmm. If that's what they're going to do in kindergarten, how about your kid starts doing that, I dunno, IN KINDERGARTEN? Is 5 way too late to learn the joys of being a grind? Think of all the healthy play instincts that will go uncrushed between now and September if we don't do something about this right away!


Sara said...

I'm actually wondering since when kindergarten became so structured. What the hell is first grade going to be like for that poor kid?!?

Bert said...

How sad! People take themselves way too seriously. You should carry around a clown nose for occasions such as these.

Notta Wallflower said...

/sigh. It's sad that some parents can't just let their kids be kids. However, as far as wondering why our kindergartens are so academic, we have the government and Bush to thank for that. Thanks to "No Child Left Behind", we have tons of children left behind. I have kindergarten teachers coming to me and freaking out because their kindy ELL student (who just started speaking English) cannot write a perfect paragraph. Why? Because there are standards to meet. And also, because they'll get ripped a new a-hole for passing along a kid to first grade who cannot read and write. Does it really matter that retention is not always the best answer? Nope, we're gonna do it anyway. I see how this affects how parents push their kids. They don't want their kids to be retained or to be otherwise labeled. I'm not totally trying to take blame off of parents, because there are some parents who are way too uptight. However, for a lot of other parents, it comes from applied pressure from the teachers, who are reacting to the pressure to meet certain standards. Blech... just blech.