Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Vernal Resuscitation

We are coming back to life here with the springtime. It really feels that dramatic, and having a toddler with us experiencing spring for the first time makes it all that much bigger.

Suddenly the trees all have little clumps of light green leaves, and having the windows open makes reanimates the house. The kids have a couple of helium balloons here in the living room and they are swaying in the breeze. Every hour or so kids from the junior high school are herded down the street to our park and their conversations drift in.

This morning Pebbles woke up and as soon as Epu opened the door to the foyer, she toddled right in there and sat down by the screen door. She loves the sound of birds and she whistles right along with them. My dad taught her how to do this.

The only way I could stop her from hanging out all alone in the foyer was to open the curtains and windows by a chair in the living room and set her on the chair. She spent the rest of the morning watching the birds and the neighbors pets go by. She stood up and yelled things out at them.

The front of our living room used to be the porch, so as I sit on the couch drinking my coffee it's almost like I'm outdoors. This is like camping, I told Epu. We watched Pebbles fall in love with the world, and we remembered that the world and we had had some pretty good times ourselves, and that if we had to sue for custody, we would probably sue for custody.

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Anonymous said...

Um, hello, your delightful husband has been working on the whistling, which your dad keenly observed her doing. Some credit please. -epu