Monday, April 07, 2008

A Sunny Day in Happytown

This weekend I took the girls to my parents' place in Wisconsin while Epu stayed home and worked on the house. He took down the Christmas lights (too soon -- it's supposed to snow later this week), and he even managed to remove and mostly strip the paint off of one of our PoisonPro brand heat registers.
We got a lot done too. We opened HappyTown for the season. That's the little playland of Little Tykes stuff in my parents' large backyard, which used to be known as Nutmegtown. Nutmeg very graciously saw the injustice of this now that Pebbles is old enough to play there, and she approved this new name that my dad thought of.
Pebbles especially loved the doorbell on HappyTown's only house, as you can see above. She would walk across the yard toward that doorbell, index finger extended, saying, "beep, beep, beep." Meanwhile, Nutmeg hit a few balls with the golf set she'd received for Xmas.
Pebbles hung out a lot with my dad over the weekend, and she's become so tight with him that when he tried to hand her off to me, she protested and wrapped her arms around his neck. Dad has been showing her birds, and if you say "bird" to her, she looks toward the window, purses her lips, and sometimes manages to get out a little whistle.
If Pebbles' development is anything like Nutmeg's, this period of extreme toddler cuteness can be known as the sunshine before the storm. Which is just what we're experiencing outdoors today here in Oak Park as well. It's lovely out there, although cooler than the weekend, but rain and then snow will follow this week.
Which will actually serves as a nice reprieve for me to go and get my new allergy prescriptions filled, because after enjoying the sunshine outdoors for just a day or so this weekend, I ended up with that old mucousy misery by Sunday night. Thanks for the warning flash, Midwestern weather.
Oh, and Nutmeg had a good time with my dad this weekend too. Since she discovered her love for Dolly Parton through Bert's iPod on our Tahoe road trip, he played her that record, one so beloved in my own childhood that I had written "I (heart) Dolly Parton" in pencil on the album cover. Then she discoverd that she also loves "Bridge Over Troubled Water" and John Denver singing "Grandma's Feather Bed." Yay for Grampytime!

Oh, and happy 14 months today to Pebbles!

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Bert said...

Aw. I also (heart) Dolly Parton. And Simon and Garfunkel. And John Denver. The Nut's a girl after my own musical heart. :)

And Pebbles looks adorable with that doorbell face on.