Monday, April 21, 2008

Ride, Nutmeg, Ride

I dearly wish I had some video right here of Nutmeg riding her new bike to school this morning. She was wearing a white dress with polka dots that she received for her birthday yesterday. The bike, also a birthday present.

After school, there was more bike riding. Then I made her put it away (Here's me, bawling out from the front porch: "Nutmeg, if you're not old enough to put your bike away, you're not old enough to have a bike.") Off to swimming lessons. As we pull into the garage after swimming: "Mom, do you mind if I ride my bike for awhile?"

Who took my itty-bitty preschooler and left this hardy kid in my car seat?

When Epu got home she had him watch her ride up and down the front walk. As we ate, she told him she wanted to ride bikes with him after dinner, "in the twilight, holding hands." Epu chuckled to think that the kid who can barely steer her first two-wheeler was now going to do it one-handed.

Nutmeg never learned to pedal her trike very well, so I wasn't sure if she'd be able to master the two-wheeler-with-training-wheels. She can. She has her rough spots -- she's just learning to push it around, if she gets the handlebars turned onto the grass she's stuck, and her braking skills are iffy -- but she's definitely into it.

Images of this momentous milestone will be published, never fear. I just have to wait until my camera battery charger (recently located at Epu's parents' house) arrives in the mail.

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Bert said...

Sweet! And I mean that in both the "awww" and "awesome, dude" respects! Go Nut! :)