Sunday, April 13, 2008

Pneumonia, Ballet and Munchkins

Poor Nutmeg got sick on Thursday night, and has been swinging between miserably lying on the couch moaning with a fever and running around like her normal self. We think she has pneumonia again; we'll see what the doctor says when I (hopefully) bring her in tomorrow.

We took Nutmeg to Milwaukee to her grandparents' house as planned Friday during the day. We were meeting up with all three of Epu's siblings, a rare event these days since one lives in Russia and one in northern Minnesota. We had a good time visiting with them and showing off the kids.

But then Nutmeg got sick again, so sick that we did not drive back to OP as planned for her very first ballet recital.

That's right, the Nut was a no-show. At the hour she was supposed to be prancing around a local school stage wearing a glittery red tutu and little frufru things on each arm, she was sound asleep in bed at Grandma's, over 100 miles away.

I'm a bit disappointed, although I thought the whole recital thing was a bit silly considering that she's 3 and doesn't even know the positions yet.* But Nutmeg doesn't seem to care at all, not in the "normal kid" phase she went through this morning, nor in her current "sick kid" phase. So that's good. It would just break my heart if she were sick and crying about missing her big debut.

* Speaking of ballet, I watched "The Wizard of Oz" for the first time in years with Nut while she was sick. Do you know that during the big munchkin number, members of the Lollipop Guild actually dance en pointe? Seeing this movie as an adult, I had so many questions about these actors playing the munchkins, but most of all: Were these professional little people ballerinas? Did they perform in a company full of little people, or maybe even play special roles in normal ballets? Or in some kind of circus performance? Or did they learn to dance en pointe just for this movie? Because doesn't that take an awful lot of training?

Anyway, it's not all boohoo around here. Pebbles is in a perfectly good mood. In fact, this evening she did something extraordinary: I was looking at a picture book with her before going to bed. She pointed to a picture of an airplane and made her "what's that" noise. I said "airplane." She very deliberately turned to the only other page in the book that also shows an airplane, and pointed at that. I think she even tried to say it.

Love that little munchkin.

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