Sunday, April 27, 2008

Party People Say ... Whew

When I chatted with Nutmeg's preschool teacher on the phone Friday about today's party, she said, "You'll get through it."

Get through it? I thought. I LOVE parties!

Yes, we loved it. And we got through it.

It is REALLY TIRING to have more than a dozen preschoolers in your home for 2 hours. Everyone was very good, but it just takes a lot of effort to get them moving in the right direction, to convey to them what is going on, and to solve little problems that come up.

I also picked up a few pointers that I will use in future parties for young kids:

1) The reason people usually give the goody bags at the end is that otherwise the kids will never know which one is theirs when it's time to go.

2) Put down a tarp under your pinata. This will not only keep the candy from getting lost in the grass, but it can serve as a boundary to keep the kids from standing right in the whacking path.

3) 4-year-olds are too little to get the concept of a relay race. But it's pretty hilarious to watch them try.

4) Help your 4-year-old stuff the pinata. How is she supposed to know that you have to hold it upside down to get the head full, and that you have to take the paper out of the legs?

The Chef and Hostess:

As expected, Mama had to beat that horse till it gave up the candy. Actually, I accidentally decapitated it. I have to say, I felt bad viciously thrashing this innocent pony. Isn't this whole pinata thing kind of sick?

You can't really tell, but every single kid but 1 is in that cottage. That's like, 13 kids???

OK, need to have a glass of wine and lie down now. Epu is already asleep in his chair.


Kori said...

Well, I heard it was a fabulous shindig from both the kid (who adores Nutmeg) and the hubby (who would gladly pour that wine for you if he was still there). So sorry I had to miss it for STUPID SCHOOL. :)

Congratulations on being the super party mommy o'the century, chica! said...

Ooooh!! Tarp under the pinata. BRILLIANT idea!

Bert said...

super cute! glad it went well... even if it did leave you a bit wiped out! :)