Saturday, April 26, 2008

OMG, Pony!

At a conference earlier this year, a friend in the mobile phone biz was told that the future of text messages sound something like this: OMG, Pony!

The idea is that younger and younger kids are adopting all the latest social technology, and the kind of things little girls will send one another is pictures of cute ponies.

That is not happening at our house today. Today, at our house, what is happening is, well, ponies! Nutmeg's birthday party is tomorrow and we are preparing.

Epu drawing pin-the-tail on the pony:

(Nutmeg, who is drawing a huge bandaid, is a little excited).

Epu and Nutmeg painted a Little Tikes cottage we were just given red to resemble a barn. Here's the before shot:

And, almost done:

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