Thursday, April 03, 2008

New Season, New Blog

In case you can't tell, this is a picture of the tulips or whatever it is we planted last fall, finally poking up out of the dirt. And those white sploches? That is sunshine, people. Sunshine. I know, because I had to look it up in Wikipedia to be sure.

Besides trying to shoehorn my entire body into one of those little strips of sun in our front dirtpatch, another activity competing for my free minutes lately has been my new frugal living blog, which will be called "Shoplifting With Permission."

Don't worry, I'll still be writing this epic serialized masterpiece here. But I wanted to start this new blog for several reasons:

1) To chronicle my efforts to frugalize our family and give voice to my angst over turning into a coupon-clipping nursing home resident as well as my CVS triumphs (without boring you all with them).

2) To show how being frugal can be an Abbie Hoffman-esque F-U to capitalist society. Or at least to show that I can look cute in $4 Goodwill skirts while "buying" free Pediasure* and baking bread in my $4.99 bread machine.

3) I have started to make a tiny amount of money blogging, and I want more, more, more!

Anyway, I've been fooling around with setting the blog up on Typepad, and here is what I have so far: However, I don't really like the way Typepad looks and have a hard time seeing why it is worth $7.50 a month when Blogger is free. I know Blogger smacks of "amateur" (as if "professional blogger" is really a title I aspire to). I tried out Wordpress and Vox, but they don't allow ads, whic sort of cockblocks the money lust alluded to in No. 3.

Any suggestions on the blog software front? I really like the way Web sites like this one look on Wordpress -- I could really use a front page on which to post my publications with tabs to both my blogs. But again, no ads. I could download the non-Web version of Wordpress, but then I'd have to pay to have it hosted and that sounds like a pain.

So I won't be publicizing my new blog much for the moment, until I settle for sure on a host. But I know y'all are just desperate for frugal pearls of wisdom straight from the source, so go ahead and check it out.

Here is a picture of Pebbles petting our neighbor's dog.

* So far, Pebbles seems mildly interested in drinking Pediasure. Nutmeg, upon seeing the $12.95 six-pack in our CVS basket, studied the label and asked me, "Where is the H? You said Pediashur and there is no H in this." I love reading!

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Anonymous said...

So much to say, so little space to say it... First, I love frugal. I'm addicted to sites like Slickdeals (their forums rock) and FatWallet for cashback. I love survey companies for extra cash, product tests and gift cards. I love Word of Mouth companies (BzzAgent, Shespeaks, Houseparty) for free products - just for talking about them. And I love blogs... which means I need to surf over and check out your new site.

As for your new site, I really like my new 4-column template (Please stop by and see it as I'm really proud of it.) Blogger has it's limitations, but you can get some great modification ideas from tip blogs. Here's one on adding navigation tabs to your blog. Amy over there has some really cute and easy suggestions.

I'm always looking for new ways to save so drop me a line when Shoplifing with Permission settles in!