Thursday, April 17, 2008

Might This Be Spring?

After living through this last winter, I so get the planting bulbs thing. It's an act of faith. Just as the sky is darkening and the ground is getting hard, you dig holes and stick these little onion things in the ground. You walk by your flower bed when it's under a foot of snow and you think, there will be flowers there in a few months. And you laugh because that is impossible.

But look at that. A flower.

And another one:

This week we finally had these two nice days. Today was even better than yesterday because there was no wind. Nutmeg is in her post-sickness, possibly antibiotic-fueled tired and bratty stage, and getting outside makes it all so much more bearable. Actually Pebbles and I got outside; Nutmeg (thank you, thank you) gave in to fatigue and took a long afternoon nap.

I did a lot of weeding and cleaning up roots and crap out of the backyard flower beds. I cultivated two small areas and sowed wildflower mix. We'll see what comes of this.

Pebbles played in the sandbox and occasionally shoved her plastic spade at my mouth so I would say, "num, num." She played a good long time with hula hoops, she sat in the freshly weeded dirt and played with that. We played a little ball. She played climb up on the lawn chair and then fuss to be helped down. She played say "Hi!" to the neighbors cat and pet it. And when she seemed tired of everything, I brought out a toy stroller and a doll and she had to be dragged in kicking and screaming because she would have never stopped pushing that thing around the yard.

Pebbles is going to have a fun summer.

Since yesterday's nice weather brought the attending eye misery, I finally got my eye prescriptions today. I was putting it off even though I live so near CVS, because I wanted to get them filled somewhere else in order to get paid $25 to transfer them to CVS.

So today I took the full compliment of medications: the eye drops, the nasal spray and the Allegra tablet. The result is: Somewhat better. Not misery free but definitely functional.

I'm hoping it will work even better when I take the Allegra first thing in the morning. The doc says that antihistamines work best when you take them before the allergen exposure begins.

Here's hopin'.

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Kori said...

Fingers crossed about the allergies. Glad to hear you got some time out in the fresh air---isn't it amazing what a few fine days can do for your mood after such a rotten winter? The sun feels like lithium, I swear.