Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Menu Channel

Several times a week, Nutmeg gets to watch a video while I put Pebbles to sleep. If I don't use the video to immobilize her, she will insist on coming into the bedroom while Pebbles nurses, getting her sister all riled up, or, if I shut the door, pounding on the door loudly and calling, "Mommeee, Mommeee, hey Mom..."

Epu came home the other day and said, "Nutmeg, watcha watchin'?"
Nut: "The menu screen to 'Charlotte's Web'!"
Epu: "Well, let's go down and set the table."
Nut: "Pause it for me!"

I had given her the remote and told her to press Play when the menu screen came up, but apparently she saw that step as superfluous.

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