Friday, April 25, 2008

Birthday Ice Cream and the Best Things About 4

So far, these are the things I like about my 4-year-old:

1) Has gotten unusually lovey-dovey with me. This includes cuddling with me in bed after Daddy gets up with the baby.

2) Takes some responsibility for helping care for her sister. Like, tells me when she's poopy and reports on her location in the yard if I can't see her. However, this can quickly get out of hand, like today in the grocery store when she picked her sister up, and when I ordered her to put her down, dropped her flat on her face. Ouch.

3) OK, the constant whining and frequent tears are still there. But is capable of sucking it up if reminded (frequently) about future reward, such as that birthday ice cream.

4) Dresses self, occasionally remembering underwear.

5) Sight-reads a surprising number of words. Can add small sums, i.e. 2+2.

6) Actually put all the pieces of a game back in box, once without even being asked.

7) Is most angelically beautiful sight in mortal world while sleeping. Blond hair brushed to side, barely-there eyebrows, crescent of tummy showing under pajama top, pinky fair skin. OK, this was also true at 3, 2, 1 and 0.

8) Actively participates in planning and preparing for birthday party. Of course, this is also a drawback, as in today when she suggested scrapping elaborately-planned-for pony theme in favor of a dress-up party.

So. One of the lovey dovey things she has done with me lately: We got her a DVD of one of my favorite kids' movies, "Annie." This version came with two little "broken lockets" on chains. She immediately got the idea and had us each put one on. 10,000 times a day, she wants me to drop everything so we can put our heart-shaped locket pieces together. The locket pieces, when joined, read "Best Friends."

So I thought this was pretty great. Until she informed me I was just the interim "best friend."

"When we go to San Francisco, Eliot's going to wear that half," she told me, all smiles.

Ah, Nutmeg, thou hast cleft my heart in twain.


Bert said...

Aw! Happy happy birthday, Little Nut. Soon you will be taller than me. :)

Sara said...

aw...tears came to my eyes!!! happy birthday nutmeg!