Thursday, March 13, 2008


Posting has been low lately. I guess I've been kind of scattered and not seeing much of note to report. So here's a scattered post:

1) Pebbles is toddling around pretty well now. That will make for more summer fun compared to last year. Am looking forward to the day when she only takes one nap so we can actually leave the house.

2) We finally got a touch of springlike weather this week and I have persuaded Nutmeg to spend a few minutes outside. She still can't pedal her tricycle well, although I am now thinking that part of the problem is that it needs lube. I also think she's too tall for it at this point. We'll have to think about some kind of new wheels for her upcoming birthday Big Wheel? bike? scooter?)

3) Am dreading taxes. Really need to make accountant appointment, gather documents, and face the music. Very complicated year, and a couple things we did to raise cash for our home purchase will now catch up with us. Here's hoping there will be anything left to redo our upstairs bathroom, which is leaking water into the plaster of our dining room ceiling. Maybe I should apply to be featured on Save My Bath on HGTV?

4) In a similar vein, maybe should apply to be featured on SuperNanny (our kid has become sufficiently bratty, but I'm betting they don't like to shoot in old houses like ours because there's not enough space for their equipment)? To play on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? Maybe am watching too much TV?

5) In a more highbrow vein, am wondering whether it is too late to plan for a summer escape to a writer's retreat or seminar.

6) Nutmeg and I planted a tangerine seed, and it sprouted beautifully. Am thinking about what other food seeds we can plant and already mentally writing Wise Bread piece about frugal gardening. In researching same, was disappointed to learn that you can not grow a new carrot from a carrot top. In the words of one "expert," "You got to buy some seeds to grow carrot."

7) Planning to start a new blog chronicling my year of frugal living. Already mentally spending proceeds from film royalties.

8) Could I somehow land a freelance gig that would pay me to attend BlogHer in San Francisco this summer?

9) Volunteer sale for summer consignment sale is tonight! Yay. I have a long shopping list, and a plan: hit the shoes and outwear sections first for both girls, then concentrate on the 4T table because there is usually plenty of baby stuff left over and the baby doesn't need much anyway.

10) Did I tell you Nutmeg got into our preschool of choice for the fall, in the afternoons? It reminds me of the nursery school I went to, which is exactly what I always wanted for my kids.

11) I found out about the coolest farm cooperative to join, near our cabin, and where we'd be able to stay overnight once a year so the kids could see exactly where their produce comes from. Then I emailed them and they never got back to me. Sigh. Guess will try that "telephone" thing.


Notta Wallflower said...

You've got a lot going on. I secretly wonder if H and I will need Super Nanny in the future. :-P I was just mentioning it to him the other night.

Kim Moldofsky said...

I will read yoru frugal living blog and can't wait to see the movie. Who will play you?

Congrats on the school thing. That's always a relief to cross off your list. First choice- hooray.

Chicago Moms Blog

Sara said...

Echoing the congrats on the preschool news!! I know what a relief that is!!

And what is it with the almost-four-year-olds and the brattyness? I thought I was free and clear when the terrible two's passed. I was wrong.