Monday, March 31, 2008

I Turn My Back For ONE Second and They Grow Up On Me

I was away from the girls for a whole 24 hours this weekend, and when we got them back already I could see them with fresh eyes. And the fresh eyes have this report: These kids are growing up.

Nutmeg was able to rein in a couple of tantrums that threatened to overtake her and behave herself during a quick shopping trip to the Kenosha Woodmans (wow! what an awesome store! Woodmans has changed since college!)

Now that she has mastered writing most of the letters (she struggles with a few, like G and J), she has spontaneously moved on to writing things down. This weekend she took a discarded envelope and wrote on it: FREM CARE TOO (NUTMEG). Then, since this was obviously a letter from me to her, she asked me to deliver it to her. Which I did, along with a hug the likes of which you don't usually get from the mail carrier, unless you're like me and your mail carrier was your dad.

Coming soon: A picture of one of Nutmeg's little missives.

As for Pebbles, she managed to get to sleep pretty well without me at her grandparents' house overnight. She woke up at the usual times but didn't stay awake too long once she realized there was going to be no nana.

She's also communicating pretty well with pointing, facial expressions, insistent grunts and the occasional word. Her favorite words all sound pretty much the same: "balloon," "ball" and "belly button." But we know which she means because that's the thing she'll be pointing to. Or, if there's no balloon handy (rue the day!) she'll hold up her hand in a fist as if she's clutching one.

She's also transitioning from two naps to one, a greatly anticipated development for me because it will free up my mornings for gym visits this spring, and allow me to bring both kids to the local drop-in daycare a few days a week in summer.

For now, though, it turns every day into a not-all-that-fun guessing game. Morning nap? No? Today, I decided to skip the gym and put her down.

Guess what? She's been fussing up there for an hour. Gar. Now we have just an hour before Nutmeg pick-up. I guess a trip to Bed Bath and Beyond for new pillows and mite-proof cases would fit.


Sara said...

Able to rein in her tantrums? Go Nutmeg! I'm hoping that's coming up for our little one, too.

Anonymous said...

Sara -- I'm not saying that's what USUALLY happens. but I am seeing a little more control over her emotions lately. it's a glimmer.

Anonymous said...

What do you do when a 3/4 years old go on the tantrum? ignore them?