Monday, March 24, 2008

I Made Bread!

I have been wanting a bread machine for awhile, and today I went to Goodwill with my grandma and found one for $5. Tried it out tonight. Very easy, very easy to clean, and there is nothing like the taste and aroma of fresh-made bread.

The bread was a little dense, not fluffy, and I can think of several correctable reasons: The yeast I used was several YEARS old, we used the "quick" setting, didn't use bread flour.

The bread machine has a little window in the top that Nutmeg (and the rest of us) can look through. She was much enamored with the whole process, especially when I brought a buttered piece of hot bread up to her in bed (I knew she wasn't asleep yet).

Wait till she finds out we can make raisin bread.

1 comment:

Bert said...

Yummy! I love fresh bread! I'm a bit jealous of your breaditude. Sounds super delicious.