Sunday, March 09, 2008

I Did a Girly Thing

I colored my hair for the first time today. I won't post a photo because I don't think the difference would be noticeable. I was getting a lot of gray around my hairline -- more, it seems, with each baby, surprise, surprise.

The result is ok. I kind of like it. Nutmeg picked out a blond shade at CVS -- yes, my colorist is 3 years old -- and I went with it despite never having longed to be a blonde because a) I thought it was sweet that she so wanted me to have the same color hair as her and b) I've heard it's a good idea to use a dye color a bit lighter than your natural shade.

I warned Nutmeg that since I was not bleaching my brown hair, the dye would not turn my hair very blond. I was right. It came out a bit brighter, maybe a little brassier than my regular shade. The gray is definitely less noticeable although I was disappointed to see some gray still. I guess that's one reason why people spend hundreds of dollars at professional colorists.

Still, for $1.50 (CVS deal) and a half hour of my time, it's a nice little change. I went to a meeting for my babysitting coop and immediately someone told me that my hair looked nice, something I am certainly not used to hearing. Many places on the Internet assured me that not much hair dye ends up in my bloodstream and is not likely to pose a risk to my breastfeeding child. Let's hope that's correct. The stuff certainly smelled nasty enough to be toxic, and it didn't feel great on my scalp.

However, I think if I dye it again in the future, I think something more dramatic would be fun, to spice up this suburban mom lifestyle a bit. A friend suggested Manic Panic. Maybe the After Midnight Blue or Tiger Lily.


Sara said...

Geez...$1.50 for hair dye. That's a great deal. I love dying my hair. Sometimes even if it's not a huge change, it's nice to see a little difference. Even if it does make your hair smell icky for a few days...

Bert said...

Whoo! Go you! Though, I am a bit disappointed that you're not considering the "Electric Lizard" shade, which glows in the dark. :)

Kori said...

I can't wait to see the shiny new do---sorry I missed it last night. :(

BTW, Mike told me that EJ said the whole way home, "I have to go back to Auntie Carrie's house to play with Nutmeg and Pebbles! I do, Daddy! I have to play with them!"

Thanks for being such a fun "baby auntie." :)

Notta Wallflower said...

Aww... no pics? I'm getting my hair cut and colored on Sunday. I'm soooo ready. But I know how much it will cost me, so I'm looking for a "hair partner" that is trustworthy enough to color my hair (and then I'd do her hair). It would save a lot of money, and like you, I don't want to see my gray. I think we're too young for gray hair. :-P