Sunday, March 16, 2008

Community Chest

We had a big community weekend, and we are tard. Like, too tard to moddle, that's fer sure.

On Saturday morning Epu took Nutmeg to her Parks District ballet class, and then to the Easter Egg hunt at a different park. According to Epu, it was more of an Easter egg grab, with a bunch of plastic eggs strewn about a field and a zillion kiddies turned loose upon the treat-loaded eggs. This is Nutmeg's idea of a fabulous time, so there were no complaints there.

Meanwhile, Pebbles and I were at the semiannual consignment sale at our local parenting support center. Pebbles was minded in the childcare room by a sweet high school volunteer while I volunteered with the sale. I got into volunteering for this sale last fall, because volunteers get to shop a preview sale and I got LOTS of great school clothes for the Nut there. It turned out that volunteering is also fun -- there is childcare, and you get to fold and sort all kinds of cute little clothes and hang out with a bunch of cool women.

This year, I got stuck in a little room sorting receipts for the consigners, which was ok as far as chatting with other women went, but I missed the whole sale. Besides the preview sale, the REALLY cool part of this sale is the $5 a bag sale at the very end. When you're volunteering on the sale floor, it's not only fun and bustling, but you also get a good look at what's left in the sizes you want, so when it's time for the bag sale, you know just what to grab.

Oh well. I still got plenty of cute summer clothes for the girls, lots of shorts, frilly tank tops, a couple extra bathing suits, and a larger-size version of the exact same Hello Kitty sneakers that Nutmeg loved from the fall sale but has already outgrown. In all, I got over 100 items for my $51 expenditure. It could have been less, since I bought two bags at the bag sale and I ended up filling them about 1/2 full. But hey, it's for charity, and with these brands (lots of Baby Gap and The Children's Place) and the shape these clothes are in, you cannot do much better.

A couple standout items:

Baby Gap silk dress with angora sweater, size 18 months. Was marked $8, which is a little high for this sale even for something expensive like this. So it was still left at the bag sale, to be snatched up by me. I'm probably going to use it as a Christmas dress for Pebbles this year.

These jeans falling off Pebbles' butt are just Old Navy, but I LOVE the embroidered butterfly:

And then today, I took Nutmeg to the ice show put on by the kids who take skating lessons at the Parks District rink. She was so enraptured and I have to say I was too. There were a few teenage girls who were very good, and seeing all the little kids skate onto the ice in adorable costumes, well, what's not to love? Nutmeg declared that she definitely wants to take ice skating next year so she can be in the show. She'll have her own show next month, with a costume and everything, at the Parks District ballet recital. But I really like ice skating, so I'm totally with her there.

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