Monday, February 04, 2008

Reprieve, With Sponge and Carrie Bradshaw (Not That Kind of Sponge)

Yesterday was calmer around here. Nutmeg is still having all kinds of tantrums, but we found that when she is with one of us one-on-one, she is calmer. I guess dealing with the baby -- who is more aggressive and into everything these days -- is hard for her in her agitated state.

Between Epu and I we had Nutmeg out of the house with us much of the day, and she was mostly good. I took her to CVS with me on a bargain-hunting expedition, and Epu took her ice skating and on some other errands. Actually the two of them were gone for about four hours in the afternoon, two hours of which the baby slept.

That's right. I spent two hours on a Sunday home alone. It was sweet. I committed such decadent things such as getting all the dishes done and scrubbing down the grimy high chair, while watching "Sex in the City" on my the under-counter kitchen TV that I got for Christmas.

OK, that was the final straw right there. I just admitted that the highlight of my weekend was doing housework while watching an old rerun on a tiny TV screen. If only that still had that "Queen for a Day" show, eh?

Actually, it reminds me of this study revealing that enjoy watching television much more than playing with kids. However, women seem to rank kids over housework. I must be a freak, because give me a couple of hours with a sponge and broom and no kids around, and I'm in heaven.

But, yknow, absence does make the heart grow fonder, or at least less sick of. After a break yesterday, I hardly tore any of my hair out this morning, when Nutmeg fought off tooth brushing and declared her firm intention to stay home and watch "Sesame" instead of going to preschool.


Kori said...

Oh, I can believe how great that cleaning must have felt. When you're at home all day, and your house is your workplace as well as your home, it can get so frustrating when all of your coworkers (read: children and husband) "rearrange the stuff on your desk." It is their living space, too, but man, it drives me crazy. I feel like I can never keep anything clean and uncluttered. Two hours for scrubbing sounds glorious.

And on that note, we are realizing that EJ is in the process of dropping her nap, and I am in a panic. When talking with the hubby about it yesterday, I blurted out, "You don't understand! You wouldn't like it if someone told you that your favorite hour or two of your workday was going to be eliminated!" He was shocked---SHOCKED---that my favorite time of day is EJ's nap, and told me that I might need to find a job I liked better. Shrug. OF COURSE I love spending time with my kid, but having a little time where no one needs anything of me is priceless.

After I cooled down and talked with him about this, he understood. I'm glad to know that I'm not the only mom out there with "no-kid glee."

Sara said...

I totally hear ya. I love the few random hours here and there when I can just have some time to myself...CLEANING. Even better when those hours of cleaning can be augmented with watching reruns of "Scrubs" or blasting the Decemberists on the stereo. Good stuff.

We all need some time to ourselves to recharge our batteries. It's a tough job being a mom. I will have a hard time when Grace gives up her naps all together and I lose my two hours of solitude during the weekend.