Thursday, February 28, 2008

Our Trip: The News and Photos

Well, for the first time in years Blogger lost one of my posts, so now you have a sullen vacation blog writer. Let's start with what's easy: Epu has posted some of our trip pics on Flickr.

So, it was great, Nutmeg had a great time playing with her BFF Etchy (aka Booja, a recurring character on this blog from our SF days). They played together as if they'd never been separated, slept in a tent in his room every night. We reconnected with wonderful friends, shared a $40 an hour babysitter, ate a lot of great meals, and attended the Game Developers Conference (the ostensible point of the trip). The weather was backwards -- sunny and gorgeous on days we were stuck inside, rainy on the days we were free. But, you know, SF still green with flowers, no mittens needed, etc.

Today Nutmeg told me "I wish we could bring San Francisco here." We were inching along on a crust of dirty ice, in 23-degree air, so I heartily agreed. But she wasn't thinking about the weather.

"What do you miss most?" I asked her.


Ah, preschool love. Etchy, by the way, cried when we fired up our rented minivan and drove away. His parents call him "emo." I say the kid is older than his years when it comes to matters of the heart.


Notta Wallflower said...

I love the pics! Glad we had a chance to see you guys!!

Kayadela said...

Eliot found a business card (a random one) on top of the crayons you gave him, several days after you left. He said it was a card for him. I asked him what it said and he said, "Eliot, we love you very much". I asked who it was from and he said all of your names.
I cried...

We loved your visit!

Yellow Blade said...

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