Tuesday, February 12, 2008

My Favorite Father/Daughter Picture Ever

For Pebbles' birthday party, we had the good fortune to have a family friend serve as a photographer. We paid her, but she charged a practically charitable rate considering that she traveled all the way from Milwaukee, took pictures of all 11 kids there, edited them on her laptop, braved the surly clerks at CVS who accused her of trying to steal professional photos, and was able to provide prints for all the parents to take home on the spot.

Her name is Laura Gorzek, and her blog address is roadsoflights.blogspot.com. I strongly recommend her as a photographer.

The whole party came off smashingly. Nutmeg had such a grand first birthday that I didn't want Pebbles' to pass by without some fanfare. So we made the theme of the party "Fancy" and hired Laura as baby paparazza. Tons of family came, as well as a few local friends with kids. It was the first time some relatives have seen our house as well, so that was fun.

We covered the walls with photos of Pebbles and hung a bunch of curtain sheers on the dining room ceiling to make everything, well, fancy. Laura and her dad, who is also a photographer, set up a backdrop and lights in the back of the kitchen by the back door. All the kids arrived dressed to the nines, and we sent them into the "studio" one by one.

I absolutely love the results. Here are just a couple, both are of my cousin Adam's kids. I was going to upload more, but it is taking forever right now. All the party pics will be on Flickr soon and I'll let you know then.


Bert said...

Everyone looks so lovely! What a wonderful, fancy party!

Anonymous said...

Oh my god these are so cute. I am so sorry we missed the big day! We had a weekend trip out of town and with being busy at work I never had a chance to drop of my gift with M&D to take down with them. Any chance you'll be in MKE soon?

If not, we will have to find a day to get down there ASAP!

Kori said...

It was so fun. Our picture of EJ is the best "goody bag" gift we could have ever received---what a treasure.

We're so lucky to be able to share in all of the fun with you. EJ is already saying the birthdays in order: first Pebbles, then Nutmeg, then ME!, then Pebbles, then Nutmeg, the ME AGAIN!

Sara said...

that pic of daddy and daughter is just the most precious!!!