Sunday, February 10, 2008

3 Stages of Birthday Cake

This is the cake we selected from Nutmeg's cake book for Pebbles' birthday. It's supposed to be a lady in a fancy dress, which went well with the party theme, which was fanciness. Although I can't help thinking it looks more like a stripper jumping out of a cake.

Pebbles was unperturbed by any implications of having a stripper cake for her very first birthday. Just like her big sister, she didn't eat a thing for lunch but cake and lots and lots of ice cream.

And this is the poor cake lady after the party. Not so fancy now, are we?

More on Pebbles' 1derful day coming soon.

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Kori said...

Baby #1: Juice-sweetened all-natural cake with sweet, child-friendly theme.

Baby #2: Regular cake-mix cake with double meaning: fancy dress for kids, stripper for adults.

Baby #3: Box of hohos with used #1 candle; actual stripper in next room to entertain older guests.